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I'm not sure that cheddar would work in this application –in traditional pommes aligot, you can get away with using a mixture of melty and non-melty cheeses, because all of the starch from the potatoes is doing some of the work of keeping the puree at a nice consistency. It seems like in this case, the melty, stretchy texture of the mozzarella itself is doing nearly all of the work of creating a gooey final dish.


What is the rationale behind using bland dry Mozzarella rather than the traditional Comté or Gruyère? Both pair very well with the flavor of Brocolli, and have wonderful stretch.

monika vail

Happened to have oven on so roasted broccoli to keep it dry together w some garlic tossed in olive oil, then proceeded w recipe.


So, serve how? With bread as a spread? Just by itself? On a potato? What is the consistency supposed to be, like mashed potatoes?


While I am sure this is delicious as written, I might not be able to resist substituting white cheddar in place of the mozzarella.


For many, many years, I've made the Silver Palate pureed broccoli with creme fraiche for Thanksgiving. In that recipe, the cheese is parmesan so it's not real gooey or stretchy, but the sharpness of the parmesan makes a wonderful contrast to the broccoli and creme fraiche. I'll stick with that.

Buttery Babe

Oh my! I am a huge aligot fan. My husband is low carb and was missing out on the fun! We added a touch of garlic but cooked as is for the first go round! Yum! Will play with different cheeses next time. As an aside to the people saying sharp cheddar, it won't get the right stretch. It will be tasty, but the texture will be wrong.


I feel like pommes aligot is relying as much on the gluey starch awakened in the beaten potato as the cheese to get the texture. Broccoli doesn't have that starch to aid this emulsion. I doubt cheeses like Gruyère and sharp cheddar are going to have the stretch you need to work this magic. The aging has broken down the protein enough that they tend to curdle and turn oily. I would suggest not subbing in cheddar older than 3 months old. Fontina is good melter that might have bolder flavor.


This seems like a perfect use case for Taleggio - you'd get more flavor than from mozzarella, and plenty of melty stretchiness. Fontina or raclette might work, too. Some young American-made cheddars have good melt & stretch, too, like Rumiano organic white cheddar. If anyone tries other cheeses, please share the results!


White cheddar: Genius substitute!


Answering myself, yes, I made ahead and reheated the next day. It was fine.

Barrie Trinkle

My family and I just thought this was kind of weird. I love broccoli. I like cheese, but not this much. The texture is really not appealing. We ate it, but we didn't love it.

Chef Marky Mark

Make next time we have 4 heads of broccoli we want to shave the tops off of, ie, never


Curious as to what "stretchy" means. I imagine stretched, melted cheese, but from the photo, I am not sure that what I imagine is correct...


This was WONDERFUL. We had a bit of a celebration dinner last night and I made this to go alongside seared beef filet and duck fat-roasted potatoes. I love broccoli, but this might be my new favorite way to eat it. This came together in a snap and was the perfect complement to our meal. I didn’t have any mozzarella on hand, but did have sharp provolone and it worked beautifully.


What a lovely dish. I’ve had potatoes about before and they are wonderful, but had never contorting the same treatment with broccoli. This will, heretofore, be my go-to broccoli dish. Simply delicious. I used provolone instead of mozzarella (it’s what I had) and it turned out beautifully.


For those who despise cruciferous vegetables , can this be made with green beans or peas?

liz wansbrough

Delicious - an excellent idea though I must admit that I used all of the florets - shaving seemed wildly extravagant. Once puréed they only added depth to the brocoli flavor - I did however splash out on very good buffala mozzarella - definitely be reusing this recipe….

Dinah Gieske

Mine got nowhere near that green even though I was very careful to just shave off the very tops of the florets. I guess I just don't like the idea of the "aligot" because it reminded me of homemade baby food, and was underwhelming to eat. The taste was quite mild with the mozzarella cheese, so I would use a stronger cheese. (Goat cheese?) Now what do I do with the leftovers that no one will eat?

Dinah Gieske

Also, the texture was unsettling. Tiny floret pieces in a thick sauce. Perhaps I did not blend enough.

Zach Goldman

I haven't even made this recipe, and I'm rating it 5 stars on creativity alone. Well done, Ham!

Chef Marky Mark

Make next time we have 4 heads of broccoli we want to shave the tops off of, ie, never

S.J., Florida

Nobody wants to sear steaks made of broccoli stem, Ham.


I dont understand the distinction being made as to what to use and not use. If you peel the broccoli stems they puree nicely?I never heard of this recipe before so I am confued as to the difference between the Dark green and naked florets?


The answer is in the chef notes above. "Using too much of the watery, light-green stem yields a purée that’s loose and lacks lusciousness."

lanny provo

Steamed Curly Kale, Coconut cream, white miso, lime juice, zaatar, waterBlend until creamy and cook briefly. A very heartfelt soup. Replace kale with broccoli perhaps. Spices are subjective and certainly replaceable. I like mushroom umami and also thinly sliced shiitakes dropped in for just a few minutes to retain their softness and flavor.


I'd love that @Ianny provo! Thank you.


Other than stuffing a baked potato with the Aligot (made with 3 lbs of Broccoli reduced to 5-6 cups of shaved florets) what else would you do with it? Use as a spread on bread or a vegetable dip? Is it a standalone, like mashed potatoes? Use as a spread like pesto?


Look at that color! I so want to try this but am on a low salt diet. How does this dish have more than 1000 milligrams of sodium and is there a way to reduce it? Other than, of course, just steaming broccoli.


Just wondering ... would this be easier if an immersion blender was used to incorporate the cheese into the broccoli purée rather than turning dinner into a workout. Thoughts?

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Broccoli Aligot  Recipe (2024)
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