Haircare Trends That Will Be Hot In 2024—And Some That Will Cool | Beauty Independent (2024)

Haircare Trends That Will Be Hot In 2024—And Some That Will Cool | Beauty Independent (1)

Laura DaleBrand Education Manager, Kristin Ess Hair

Among the trends gaining momentum, two standouts are the effortless blowout look with voluminous hair and luxurious hair accessories incorporating ribbons and bows made of velvet or satin.We saw it start to peak through with the trend of rollers and volumizing products to get soft volume and movement in the hair. Now different iterations of blow-dry brushes to help achieve the look are on the rise such as the newKristin Ess Hair Soft Volume Blow Dry Brush.

The Kristin Ess Hair Soft Volume Blow Dry Brush is the secret weapon to effortlessly achieve this coveted look at home. It makes it so easy to style your hair to get mega volume, and when paired withKristin Ess Hair Instant Lift Volumizing Mousse,it’s the perfect combo to get the effortless blow out look for all hair types and hair lengths.

Another trend that's making a bold statement is the resurgence of hair bows. From oversized satin ribbons to dainty velvet bows, these accessories are making a comeback on fashion runways and red carpets alike. Hair bows are no longer confined to casual or special occasions, they're becoming a versatile and chic addition to everyday looks.

The hair bow trend embraces a range of materials and styles to suit every taste and occasion. Luxurious satin bows add a touch of glamour to evening hairstyles, while velvet bows lend a soft and romantic vibe. Whether you opt for a sleek and polished look or embrace a more carefree and undone style, a well-placed bow can instantly transform your hair into a fashion statement.

Gone are the days of sleek and straight locks and a head full of hair extensions. 2024 heralds the return of volume in a big way. In 2024, we will celebrate natural texture with tons of volume, encouraging you to enhance what you were born with versus the previous trend of sleek straight hair. Whether it's loose waves, tousled curls or big, bouncy blowouts, fuller and voluminous natural healthy hair is stealing the spotlight.

Extensions, once a go-to for instant length and volume, are also on the decline in 2024. With an increasing emphasis on natural beauty and individuality, the heavy reliance on extensions may see a decline. Many people are prioritizing the health and well-being of their natural hair, opting for products that celebrate and enhance their own texture such asKristin Ess Hair Weightless Shine Air Dry Crème. It smooths while adding shine, separation and enhances the natural texture of all hair types.

The emphasis on hair and scalp health is a significant factor at play here. As people are prioritizing the well-being of their hair, they may move away from hair extensions because of the potential for damage they can cause. Products that focus more on scalp care will continue to gain popularity such as Kristin Ess Hair Instant Exfoliating Scalp Scrubthat removes flakes, product build-up and excess sebum to leave your natural hair looking its best and your scalp feeling fresh and balanced.

Haircare Trends That Will Be Hot In 2024—And Some That Will Cool | Beauty Independent (2)

Dianna CohenFounder and CEO, Crown Affair

Trends That Will Rise:

Heatless Waves

In 2024, we'll see our philosophy of “less is more,” “fewer, better” and “no makeup-makeup hair” come full swing. We'll see people lean into their natural color and natural hair— figuring out how to do more with better and less. We'll see people invest in products and treatments that make their hair the best version of itself versus causing more damage to the hair fiber they'll have to repair later.

Trends That Will End Or Start To Decline:

Tape-In Extensions

We're entering the era of healing our hair! For everyone who has been relying on extensions for fullness, it's a tough decision to decide to take them out, but it's best for your hair's health long term. The community is here to support you on your hair growthjourney,you're not doing it alone. It will take time, patience and high-quality products to get your scalp and strands in their best shape, but proactive care is the best long-term solution for something you're going to have all your life.

Haircare Trends That Will Be Hot In 2024—And Some That Will Cool | Beauty Independent (3)

Aziza El WanniFounder, ThePotionStudio

A lot is happening in the world of haircare, and some of the most exciting trends are unfolding behind the scenes rather than on the consumer front. Looking back at 2023, scalp care took center stage, and in 2024, it's going to be even more amplified—think of it as scalp care on steroids. The buzz is all about tackling issues right from the root, focusing on inside out and preventive hair and scalp care.

One standout trend is the rise of in-depth hair and scalp analysis services, along with specialized hair spas designed to target specific scalp issues. We're delving deep into understanding the scalp microbiome and its impact on hair health, and it looks like this trend is here to stay.

Advanced technologies like AI and machine learning are making their mark in detailed hair and scalp analysis. Imagine diagnostic tools providing personalized insights into individual hair health, paving the way for even more effective and personalized haircare solutions.

Scalp care and biotechnology-backed Ingredient sourcing are becoming inseparable. There's a noticeable shift toward using biotechnology to source the best ingredients for different hair types, ensuring a more eco-friendly and efficient approach.

Another trend thatkeeps evolving is packaging innovation. While eco-friendly packaging is consumer-facing, the real magic there happens behind the scenes as well. In 2024, expect a surge in the use of cutting-edge, sustainable packaging solutions, not just for haircare, but across the beauty product spectrum, all aimed at reducing the environmental impact. Exciting times ahead!

Chaz DeanFounder and Celebrity Hairstylist, WEN

For 2024, I feel we are going to go deeper into natural hairstyling, embracing our true textures and eliminating the excessive use of damaging hot tools. It seems everyone is finally on board with soft, natural blowouts and air-drying because it helps keep their hair healthier.

I believe we'll leave behind some of the bold and bleached hair colors we've been seeing in 2023, moving more towards natural softer tones like buttery, coppery, caramel blondes and rich, vibrant brunettes.

Haircare Trends That Will Be Hot In 2024—And Some That Will Cool | Beauty Independent (5)

Julissa PradoFounder, Rizos Curls

For 2024, customers are really focused on the specialization of haircare and how it specifically relates to them, with efficacy being of highest priority. They are looking for brands and products that address their specific hair concerns and needs.

2024 is the year of no one-size-fits-all, and the No. 1 question will be, “Will this work?” You will see customers voicing needs for specific hair concerns such as dandruff, damage repair, texture, definition, scalp concerns, hair growth, heat protection, volume, etc.

What is moving away are general trends that don’t address specific needs such as CBD products.Also, we will be a move away from “marketing ingredients” that don’t have efficacy performance.

Haircare Trends That Will Be Hot In 2024—And Some That Will Cool | Beauty Independent (6)

Julian AddoFounder, Adwoa

I definitely feel like scalp care and particularly scalp serums will continue to rise in 2024. Consumers are asking for them. Bond repair also is another bigonethat will stick around in 2024. Everyone thinks their hair is damaged, even when it's not.

Also, I foreseemore haircarebrands venturinginto the professional arena. Hairstylistsare like doctors. Their clients trust what they tell them to buy.

I am not sure if this is a trend that anyone butme is watching. However, I see natural or curly hair brands as a niche, going away. Major retailersare marketing traditionally mainstream brands as for "curly hair.” Brands are using natural/curly hair influencersto market their products to their audience,and I see the category (and brands) phasing out where haircare will just become haircare. Very interesting to watch!

Haircare Trends That Will Be Hot In 2024—And Some That Will Cool | Beauty Independent (7)

Trace HenningsenBrand Ambassador and Hairstylist, Leonor Greyl

As we enter the final chapter of the year, the ever-dynamic beauty industry, currently valued at an astounding $427 billion, is undergoing a remarkable transformation. This shift, driven by the younger generations, extends beyond mere aesthetics, influencing a broader perspective on beauty that encompasses holistic well-being.

Within this beauty landscape, haircare stands as a significant player, responding to consumer demands for innovative and effective products, aligning with evolving beauty trends, and drawing inspiration from professional services. In the year 2023, we witnessed viral trends like butterfly layers, heatless curls and long locks. However, as we set our sights on 2024, the focus is shifting towards a holistic approach to haircare.

Expect to see an emphasis on internal wellness for your hair, indulgent scalp facials and the rise of an "ultra-luxe" salon experience that embodies silent luxury haircare. The spotlight will be on enhancing natural beauty, exuding an aura of effortless sophistication. This upcoming year, there's a notable rise in the prominence of regenerative haircare, a dedicated focus on products and treatments that aim to repair, nourish and revitalize both hair and scalp.

The beauty landscape is undergoing a fascinating metamorphosis, and it's truly thrilling to be at the forefront of this transformative journey.

Haircare Trends That Will Be Hot In 2024—And Some That Will Cool | Beauty Independent (8)

Gina Elmanasterly Founder and CEO, Fully Fyne

In the coming year, it looks like ourhaircareroutines might be in for some changes. People are getting more picky about the products they use, wanting things that really work for their unique hair. I think we're going to see a rise in special products made for specific hair types and needs.

And it's not just about how our hair looks. There's a new focus on keeping our scalps healthy, too. Ingredients are in the spotlight, with people wanting to know exactly what they're putting on their hair. Plus, we're becoming more aware of the impact of packaging on the environment. In my opinion, eco-friendly packaging is expected to continue to be a big thing.

Also, I think there will be a rise in hair products that do double duty—not just good for your hair but great for your scalp, too. As we move into 2024, it seems like ourhaircareroutines will be all about personalization, sustainability and products that do more than just one job.

A 2023 trend that I think will be over is usingintense scalp exfoliation products and opting for gentler approaches to maintaining a healthy scalp.

Haircare Trends That Will Be Hot In 2024—And Some That Will Cool | Beauty Independent (9)

Yolanda Cooper Founder and CEO, We Are Paradoxx, Mini Humans and Supernova

Rising Trends:

As a trichologist, I was delighted to see the message that your scalp is an extension of your skin got through this year. In 2024, I think we’ll start to see consumers understanding their scalp health even better, and thus the scalp category will evolve in a similar way to skincare where there will be specific scalp products for different scalp types and concerns. Think scalp exfoliators, toners and moisturizers as well as masks, serums and treatments.

Falling Trends:

I think (and hope) the rosemary oil TikTok fad dies. This is a very “one-size-fits-all” trend and pure essential oils can actually block pores and/or irritate the scalp. I think we’ll see the adoption of more sophisticated formulas and an understanding that one single ingredient is not enough to tackle what is a complex problem, i.e., hair loss.

Haircare Trends That Will Be Hot In 2024—And Some That Will Cool | Beauty Independent (10)

Isfahan Chambers-HarrisFounder and CEO, Alodia Hair Care

Trends Rising:

Consumer-facing trends:I’m seeing a continued emphasis on scalp health, and the need for products that treat the scalp as an extensionof the face. Also, customers are very savvy, they want to understand the science behind the ingredients used. What data do you have to support claims that the product actually works?

Business trends:Companies, including Alodia, are leaning into science and innovation.

Trends Ending:

Consumer-facing trends: Products that only tout that they are natural. Since the market is so saturated, this claim will no longer be enough.Consumers now expect brands to use naturally derived ingredients to also solve a specific problem.

Business trends:Caring only about top-line growth is definitely out. You need to grow, but grow profitably or at the very least see a path to profitability. Indie brands can no longer not have a deep understanding of your financials.

Haircare Trends That Will Be Hot In 2024—And Some That Will Cool | Beauty Independent (11)

Marina BinichisEVP of Marketing, Communications and E-Commerce, Beauty by Imagination

Volume and texture, whether natural or styled, will be a 2024 favorite.The bouncy blowout and the wound-up ringlet will be personalized for both daytime casual and evening party looks.

2024 will also go beyond the “skinification of hair” and truly focus on hair health and hair education starting at the root with scalp cleansing/serums and oils to target hair loss prevention with brushes and tools for specific hair types. Hair education for type 4 hair will also be a trending area of focus.

Overly structured updos will be replaced by more lived-in, loose textured looks, and while claw clips will continue to reign, new shapes and claw clip forms will replace traditional shapes.

Haircare Trends That Will Be Hot In 2024—And Some That Will Cool | Beauty Independent (12)

Sadie BowlerCo-Founder, SadieB

In 2024, I believe there will be an increased emphasis on a holistic approach to beauty/ haircare, particularly recognizing that addressing a girls' mental health is an integral part of her beauty routine. In fact, this trend is already in motion, according to the Mintel 2024 beauty trend report. They plan for “mind-body impact,” where mental well-being and appearance are one, to be at the forefront of beauty trends in 2024.

At SadieB, we call this “personal care + mental hygiene,” and we see it as a critical function of brands like us that are addressing the gen Z market. It’s been amazing to see these projected trends validating SadieB's mission, which emphasizes the link between mind and body in beauty and hair care practices. I truly see it as a pioneering step in the beauty industry to integrate mental health awareness as a primary focus, particularly targeting gen Z, a demographic that has been a trailblazer in the space.

Believe it or not, if you read any beauty trend story these days, you’ll quickly notice the generation having the most impact on brands is gen Z. This will hold true in 2024 if the brand's products are multifunctional, high quality and affordable.

In essence, the foremost trend for 2024 in beauty and haircare isn't just about glossy locks or stylish cuts, it's about understanding that caring for oneself extends beyond the surface. It's an evolution towards comprehensive beauty practices that honor the inseparable bond between mind, body and haircare.

The era of hair care products that are solely focused on immediate beauty outcomes as opposed to longer term health outcomes might be fading away in 2024. The consumer spotlight is shifting away from quick fix products and focusing on long term health with clean products as the landscape of haircare continues to take cues from the high standards of the skincare industry.

Rather than aerosol-based dry shampoos full of synthetic and drying ingredients, consumers are pivoting towards nurturing scalp health and fostering robust, resilient hair from within, another element that will likely leave dry shampoo and quick fix products in the dust. This contrast underscores the growing inclination towards products that not only cleanse but also prioritize the well-being of both the scalp and hair, steering away from harmful ingredients.

Haircare Trends That Will Be Hot In 2024—And Some That Will Cool | Beauty Independent (13)

Nikita CharuzaFounder, Squigs

Focusing on haircare products that protect, strengthen and help your hair and scalp will continue to be a rising trend in 2024. We've seen much success with our award-winning Squigs Gooseberry Delight Hair Oil because customers are still looking for effective haircare products that help not only their hair, but their scalp as well. It gets to the root of the issue where the damage is caused. Plus, it doesn't hurt that our hair oil is also multiuse and can be used both as an overnight hair treatment or a drop or two for styling.

The skinification of haircare is most definitely not slowing down anytime soon. Sure, the word itself may feel dated since we've been hearing about it for a while, but the benefits of products that tackle this area are still on the rise. It's truly all about repairing the hair from the root and that starts at the scalp.

In terms of what haircare trend is over, I think there will be a big shift from hair that looks completely "polished.” People want to see real hair, real results based on their hair types, not hair that looks like it was spent hours perfecting by professional hairstylists.

I believe people will begin to spend a lot more time focusing and understanding their hair on a personallevel to understand what healthy hair means for their particular hair type and what daily or weekly rituals they should be partaking in to feel like their hair is the healthiest and happiest.

On a brand level, I think coming out with a large assortment of 10 skus at the time just because that's been the norm is coming to an end. At Squigs, we strongly believe in focusing on innovation around ourhero SKUs, which is why we launched with only our Gooseberry Delight Hair Oil and Double Shot Face Serum to allow our customers to understand what our mission of Happy Headcare truly means.

There will be a greatershift for brands to create an intentional assortment that makes sense in really thinking about what the customer is hoping to use next in the lineup rather than what's going viral on TikTok at the moment. I think we will also notice that customers are looking for innovation when itcomes thestyling tools and are looking for tools that don't require extra work in repairing the damage thatit causes.

Haircare Trends That Will Be Hot In 2024—And Some That Will Cool | Beauty Independent (14)

Jaclyn Gil SerchukFounder, Miribel Naturals

In 2024, the natural and curly hair movements will continue to flourish. Recently, a law was passed in NY that hairdressers must learn to cut curls as part of their curriculum. This will make learning to take care of natural curls more accessible, and as a trendsetting state, I’m sure we’ll see other states follow suit.

Not only that, but people are also becoming more cognizant of what they’re putting on their head, in their bodies and who they’re buying from, so I think we’ll see an increase use of small, natural beauty brands.

Haircare Trends That Will Be Hot In 2024—And Some That Will Cool | Beauty Independent (15)

Lindsay Holden Co-Founder, Odele

For 2024, hair health will continue to be top of mind, treating your tresses with care and seeking solutions that address specificscalp and hair needs, then investing in solutions that deliver just that. That includes exfoliants, serums and filtered showerheads as well as gentler heat tools or heat-free styling hacks.

I think lived-in looks are on the rise, embracing one’s natural texture. We [atOdele] always say come as you are, embrace what’s yours. Also, shine, shine, shine. Who doesn’t love that glossy look?

I’m predicting curtain bangs will give way to longer layers and 70’ bangs or, let’s be honest, whatever style bang T. Swift decides to rock this coming summer.

Haircare Trends That Will Be Hot In 2024—And Some That Will Cool | Beauty Independent (16)

Jana BlankenshipFounder, Captain Blankenship

The desire to have healthy hair, a great base with which to start with, is going to be a primary focus. This will accelerate the transition to plant-based natural products with thoughtfully selected ingredients in similar fashion to what we have seen in skincare.

Healthy hair is going to be the top priority, and consumers will continue to seek out brands that can help them achieve their healthiest hair naturally. Sales of our Hair & Scalp Serum really took off in 2023 due to increased awareness in the importance of scalp care and treatments that repair or maintain hair health from the scalp to the ends.

Rosemary Essential Oil was googled for its ability to support hair growth through improving circulation and blood flow to the scalp. I’m excited for more time-honored and sustainable plant-based ingredients to have time to shine in 2024 versus rare ingredients at risk of over harvesting.

I would like to say goodbye to the 2023 trend of hair cycling with many different products. I believe it's important to hair and scalp health to have consistent hair rituals and constantly swapping out products is not a good strategy. I think maintaining a consistent ritual and adapting it with environmental and seasonal changes, depending on your hair’s needs, is the way to go for healthy, balanced hair and scalp.

At Captain Blankenship, we make multifunctional products that can be tailored to changes in your hair’s needs just as you would adapt your skincare routine throughout the year.

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Haircare Trends That Will Be Hot In 2024—And Some That Will Cool | Beauty Independent (2024)
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