Easy Ground Venison Recipes (2024)

From traditional ground venison recipes like chili and pasta sauce to elevated and innovative ground venison recipes like loaded venison queso dip, and ground venison sliders – you’ll find something for everyone in this collection of easy ground venison recipes.

Easy Ground Venison Recipes (1)

Healthy Ground Venison Recipes

  • Ground Venison Big Mac Salad – Dive into this freshGround Venison Big Mac Saladthis season! Venison meat recipes don’t have to be boring and heavy.
Easy Ground Venison Recipes (2)

Ground Venison Appetizers

  • Venison Sausage Dip – This easyvenison sausage dipis a great party appetizer usingground venison.
  • Crockpot Venison MeatballsCrockpot Venison Meatballsare perfect for an easy appetizer.
  • Loaded Venison Queso Dip – Rich and creamyloaded venison queso dipthat’s full of your favorite Southwest flavors. It’s an easy ground venison recipe that’s great as an appetizer or dinner!
  • BBQ Bourbon Venison Meatballs – With a smoky bourbon BBQ sauce, these BBQ Bourbon Venison Meatballs are perfect for your next party, picnic, or game day!
  • Venison Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers – These venison stuffed jalapeño peppers are a killer appetizer to serve at your next party or tailgate! Made with ground venison, pimento cheese, and spices, the flavors are ridiculously delicious!
  • Ground Venison Lasagna Dip – Thisground venison lasagna dipis a crowd-pleasing appetizer. Full of your favorite lasagna flavors.
Easy Ground Venison Recipes (3)

Ground Venison Sandwiches

  • Venison Patty Melt – This venison patty melt is hands-down one of THE BEST venison sandwiches we have ever enjoyed! Juicy ground venison, topped with melty cheese and sweet Vidalia onions. **READER FAVORITE
  • Venison Philly Cheesesteak Sliders – These Venison Philly Cheesesteak sliders are THE. BOMB. A flavor bomb that is! Savory ground venison with peppers, onions, and smothered in provolone cheese – all melted onto a butter slider bun.
  • Venison Meatball Subs – These venison meatball subs are perfect for game day, tailgating, or just an easy weeknight dinner. Brioche buns loaded with savory venison meatballs and topped with melted mozzarella cheese.
Easy Ground Venison Recipes (4)

Ground Venison Casseroles

  • Venison Alfredo Casserole – This richvenison alfredo casseroleis aneasy ground venison recipe that’s great for a quick weeknight dinner.
  • Ground Venison Blend Enchilada Casserole – Thisground venison blend enchilada casseroleis bursting with flavor! The rich ground venison blend takes this enchilada casserole and bumps it up into a hearty, flavorful casserole, another easy wild game dinner recipe!
  • Venison Green Chile Enchilada Casserole – A little heat and a lot of savor in thisground venison green chile enchilada casserole. Layers of ground venison, green chile enchilada sauce, and melty quesadilla cheese!
Easy Ground Venison Recipes (5)

Ground Venison Pasta Recipes

  • Venison Lasagna Stuffed Shells – All the delicious flavors of million-dollar lasagna transformed intovenison lasagna stuff shells! Rich and creamy cheese filling combined with ground venison, stuffed into shells,and topped with a tasty combination of alfredo and marinara sauce.
  • Spaghetti Sauce made with Ground Venison – This savoryhomemade spaghetti sauce made with ground venisonis a great all-purpose sauce to have on hand all year round. One batch makes over 2 quarts!
  • Venison Goulash Recipe – This ground venison goulash recipe is full of flavor and super simple – perfect for a weeknight dinner! Ground deer meat, savory sauce, spices, and cheese, combined with elbow macaroni.
Easy Ground Venison Recipes (6)

Ground Venison Dinner Recipes

  • Ground Venison TacosGround Venison Tacoswill take your Taco Tuesday to a new level.
  • Venison Stuffed Crescent Rolls – TheseVenison Stuffed Crescent Rollsare a fast andeasy ground venison recipethat makes for the perfect main entree or even a hearty side dish.
  • Venison Vegetable Soup – ThisVenison Vegetable Soup is a warm and hearty traditional vegetable soup recipe make withground venison.
  • Venison Taco Ring – Thisvenison taco ringis made with flavorful ground venison taco meat, covered in cheese, stuffed inside a flaky crescent roll ring, then baked to golden perfection!
  • Smoked Ground Venison – Thissmoked ground venisonis slow-smoked with a deep smoky flavor. It’s perfect for chili, pasta, or other easy ground venison recipes.
  • Ground Venison Seasonings – A collection of homemade seasoning blends to elevate the taste of your ground venison recipes!
  • Ground Venison Kabobs – grilled ground venison meatballs with your favorite BBQ flavors
  • Venison Pizza Recipe – a supereasy ground deer meat recipe using naan bread for the crust, and covered in your favorite pizza sauce, savory ground venison, and a delicious cheese blend!
  • Ground Venison Meatballs – theseground venison meatballsare a classic Italian meatball recipe. They’re the perfect meatballs for spaghetti or meatball subs.
  • Ground Venison Meatloaf Recipe – Thisgroundvenison meatloaf recipeis juicy and full of flavor that’s also an easy comfort food recipe for the cold weather months.
Easy Ground Venison Recipes (7)

Ground Venison Breakfast Recipes

  • Country-Style Venison Sausage Gravy – Just like grandma fixed it, thiscountry-style venison sausage gravyis rich and delicious. Made with venison breakfast sausage and perfect for a morning plate of biscuits and gravy.
  • Ground Venison Breakfast Sausage – Ground venison isn’t just for hearty dinners; try thisground venison breakfast sausage that’s full of savory flavors and seasonings.
Easy Ground Venison Recipes (8)

Ground Venison FAQs

Is ground venison healthy?

Ground venison comes from deer, which are by nature much leaner animals than cattle. They contain less fat than beef, therefore containing lower calorie and fat content.

How to get the game taste out of ground venison?

I’m sure you’re familiar with people saying venison and other wild game meat tasting “gamey.” The “gamey” flavor actually comes from a variety of factors, including the diet of the deer, the processing of the meat, the season in which the animal was harvested (i.e., if the male deer was in rut), the age of the animal, and more. Outside these factors, venison will not taste exactly like beef, so if you’re expecting that, you’ll be in for a surprise. However, I’ve also found how the meat is cooked can also greatly reduce any strong gamey flavor.

If you’ve had a bad experience with venison tasting “gamey”, there are a few things you can try.

  1. If it’s your kill/harvest, do your research on proper field dressing, bleeding, and processing to know what elements can affect the flavor of the meat during these.
  2. Purchase ground venison from a company likeThe Honest Bison. By doing this, you’ll ensure the meat was properly processed and see if you experience a noticeable difference in the taste and texture.

How many calories in 4 oz. of ground venison?

Actual calorie content would depend on how you prepare your ground venison, and you can easily plug your recipe into a calorie calculator. However, on average, 4 oz. of ground venison should equate to around 135 calories.

How to brown ground venison?

Ground venison does not contain a lot of fat, so that browning ground venison can be tricky. I like to add 1-2 Tbsp. of olive oil to the pan before browning, to give it a little fat content to cook with. From there, I let the meat brown until there is just a bit of pink remaining. Because there is little fat content, the meat can overcook easily, which is why I like to bring it to just before a well-done finish.

Even with the addition of the olive oil, you should not need to drain any excess fat before using your ground venison in any recipe. However, if there is visible excess liquid, you can drain that off before using the ground venison.

Easy Ground Venison Recipes (9)

Recommended kitchen resources for cooking with ground venison

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We prefer cooking ground venison in cast iron skillets. However, any skillet will work.

If prepping your own deer meat for ground venison recipes

When canning or freezing sauces with ground venison

What to serve with ground venison?

This depends on what ground venison recipe you’re preparing, but these are some great side dishes for ground venison!

  • Cheesy Smoked Potatoes
  • Smoked Baked Beans

Looking for a particular ground venison recipe??

Send us an email at mike@primalpioneer.com and let us know!

Easy Ground Venison Recipes (2024)
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